New Born Photo Sessions             Maternity Photo Session                 1 Year Smash Cake session

            Session Fee $500.00                       Session Fee $250.00                                   Session Fee $250.00

Sessions are unlimited time and change of clothes, you will pick your favorite 3 as your downloads at your gallery reveal.

The gallery reveal is so much fun and I encourage family members to come. You have an opportunity to purchase prints and the rest of your downloads as a bundle at your reveal.

A lot of planing and business cost goes in to these fine art shoots so I must ask your session be paid in full to secure your day and time. PLease see booking polices tab for more details.






Why newborn photography?

They will only be newborns once and you want to capture that brief moment in time! Newborns must be photographed within with the very first week of life. At this time, they are very sleepy and tiny and still have the curl that is so amazing to capture and remember forever. These newborn moments are too important yet they last only for a very short time that's why you have to capture them in photographs! Your tiny newborn will grow fast as each day passes… to a little baby… then a toddler! Yet the memories of each stage are still there if captured in photographs. Not only do you get professional portraits but also, if you’re up to it, its nice to be in some of the photos. That's where I come in! Let me capture those first moments of your newborns wrinkles and curves.



When should I have my newborn photographed?

As mentioned above, newborns are best photographed within their first weeks of life. At this time, they are very sleepy and curly! When they sleep, we can very easily move them into cuddly, precious positions and adorn them with hats and headbands with little to no complaints!



When should I schedule my newborn session?

Please schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant. This way we can "pencil" in a tentative date. Obviously, expected due dates can vary greatly, usually anywhere between 2 weeks early to two weeks late. If you book early enough, I can be sure to clear my schedule within the time frame of your due date. Once you give birth, please call me to let me know you have had the baby, and we will confirm a final date. Trust me, when you get home from the hospital, you will feel overwhelmed. Most likely you won't get around to finding a photographer until at least after your baby is a month old. At that time, we have missed that "newborn" opportunity. I will also accommodate any premi situation, just give me a call and let me know



Where will we do the newborn session?

All newborn sessions are in my studio space.(except for special circumstances.) I use both natural light and strobe lighting. I have a selection of props but love to use props that are special to you and the family as well.



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