Angie Ragan Photography: Blog en-us (C) Angie Ragan Photography [email protected] (Angie Ragan Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT Angie Ragan Photography: Blog 120 85 Launch! I recently had the most amazing experience! I went zip lining with my best friend. As usual i thought i was doing one thing but God showed me I was actually learning a lesson. The adventure began over breakfast the day before, Barbara and I decided we must go tomorrow. Now from start to finish the team at Ski Apache was on point. Barbara and I showed up paid, and signed all the paper work (you know the sheet that says do what we say or you can't sue us, accidents happen you still can't sue us) We then watch a video that gave step by step instruction. Then we got to go in a room the walls are lined with all the gear for getting suited up! You meet your guides, they start telling you what to do and have you step in a harness and pull it up around your waste. Thats when they take over and grab the gear and start securing and tightening and yanking making sure you're in good. You get some instruction and we walked out to the practice ramp. Our wonderful guide Josie who is wearing a bright long sleeve orange shirt, explains what her arm signals mean and that we are about to practice.

getting all signed up!!!So excited I love our adventures Barbara!!!

​Now, I want to say how much it meant to me that, from the time i called to schedule our zip the team there was so on point and from the second we pulled into the parking lot, it never even occurred to me how much confidence and security i felt until the next day when i was talking to God about everything and he started revealing Himself in my experience. You see if you're about to launch off a mountain (and want to live) you have to trust who you're with. I don't think they would be profitable if your first impressions are uneasy or you feel you can't trust the environment you're in, i doubt you'll proceed and you'll ask for your money back.

I thought about the liability release, Matthew 10:22, Jesus explains that following Him has some liability but if you'll follow Him its worth the payoff. Then how Josie and Wyn worked together to get us all buckled in and secure and safe, its how Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always around us pulling, pushing making sure we are secure. 

Before they walked us to the practice zip Josie, looks us all in the eyes she says, "I'm going to be on the platform signaling you, you must watch me, you will come in to fast and hurt yourself or you will get stuck and have to be rescued if you don't watch my signals, Do you understand that you have to follow my signals, if you get hurt or get stuck, and try to say, "but i didn't see you", its not going to fly i'm in a bright orange shirt and i've told you to watch me, y'all got it (eye contact) lets go practice." (love that girl!) 

Barbara on her practice line!!!She done this before thats why she looks confident.

Hebrews 12:2 Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed - that exhilarating finish in and with God - he could put up with anything along the way: cross, shame, whatever. And now he's there, in the place of honor, right alongside God.

It so reminded me of Hebrews 12:2, guess what, watch me, I've done this, Keep your eyes on me and you won't get hurt and you won't need to be rescued!!! RIGHT

​As i remembered our practice run it occurred to me the guides needed to see how we respond to commands as much as we need to get the feel for the equipment and watching for signals.

In Matthew 25:21 Jesus is telling a story, ........You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’    

Basically this is what Josie and Wyn are saying, If i can trust you on the practice run, i'll take you to the top and i'll show you how to really have a blast!!!

We are heading up!!!This is Wyn Runningwater, and he ROCKS!

Then it was time!!!! We are at the Top!!! Josie goes before us so she will be on the platform waiting. Dueteronomy 31:8 says The Lord goes ahead of you.... so you do not have to be afraid. What would it have been like if Josie had gone to the second platform separate from us, what if i hadn't seen her zip off my platform and asure me that she is at the finish waiting for me. She let us see that it was safe and we didn't need to be afraid.

​Its my turn Wyn has secured Barbara and I, I have listen to the 

Ange and BarbWe are ready!!!!

instructions and played them over in my head, I count us down, 1,2,3 and we launch!!! The thrill of just being suspended rushing over this amazing landscape picking up speed..... it has to be experienced!! I'm getting close to the end I see the orange shirt, she gives me the break signal, so i break, i stopped like like 5 feet from the platform. LOL  Josie says its ok just kick your feet like your swinging and ill get you, so i start kicking and sure enough i start scooting to the platform with every kick, Josie leans as far as she can without falling and as soon as she can grab my toe, she pulls me in. She assured me i did great and that i did exactly what she said to do.

​God showed me that sometimes we do everything we are suppose to do and life (gravity, vector, wind) can cause the results to fall a little short, but guess what!! Just like Josie, Jesus is there to fill the gap and say, "kick, i'll pull you in, you did perfect."

You see suiting up and zipping down a mountain at 65-80mph should scare you, if its not scary you're not risking anything, you're not having to trust anything if its not scary!! You see God has made it possible for us to fly, He sent His son before us, and he's given you specific instructions and said don't slow down you'll get stuck and need to be rescued, don't take your eyes off me or you'll crash and hurt yourself, and no matter what when you fall a little short i'll be in the gap to pull you in, just keep kicking!!!!

Beautiful!!!"We are on top of the world, looking down on creation!"

​That first zip is long and you get such a rush cause you get to going so so so fast (you're a little temped to give it a little break), the problem is it levels off at the end, so if you hold back and don't go full throttle you won't have enough momentum to make it to the platform once you see the signal to break. So the warning from Wyn before you launch is, "remember don't slow down on this one no matter how fast or how scared you get you have to go full on or you'll get stuck!"

How many of us are stuck because we got scared? God has said,"launch" and we pull the break because its fast and we get scared, but he needed us to go fast and ride the momentum safely in. You see there is a difference in obeying and not giving up and knowing He is there to pull you in, and being stuck and having to be rescued. One is full of faith the other is not!

Have you ever launched  full throttle and got your eyes off of Jesus and crashed hard and got hurt? Well, thats an obedience and focus issue, you're not dead you're just hurt!!! Actually you can still go again while the scaredy cat is still being rescued. Maybe thats why faith is what pleases HIM the most!!!! Maybe thats why faith without movement is void? See you can say you have all the faith in the world but that faith isn't activated until you launch!!!!

​I want to encourage you to LAUNCH, it doesn't have to be off a mountain. What about that new career, going back to school, asking out that cute lady, saying yes to that smart boy, most importantly SAYING YES TO JESUS. Saying yes to what he has asked you to do, or say. I assure you the only regret you will ever have is not launching!!!!!! Our LeadersJosie and Wyn!!!! WE ARE WORLD CHANGERS!!!!!So So Fun!!

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Jimmy, Angie, Harrison and Braxton Ragan 2015  


Jimmy,Angie,Harrison, and Braxton RaganLove NOT being boring!!!!

The Ragan's 2015

Hey everybody!!!! Just a little update on the Ragans. Its been a fun filled year for the Ragans. We are having fun here in SanAngelo. We moved here summer of 2014, Harrison finished 8th grade, and Braxton finished his first year of pre-school. Jimmy and I are working hard and playing hard! I have a part-time job at the lab at Shannon Clinic. It's lots of fun. I get to meet lots of new people. I'm also staying busy with lots of photography session. This May we had a family weekend in Ruidoso, NM. It was much needed family time and very restful. Of course i got great photos, LOL. Over the summer we traveled with Jimmy on a few of his consulting jobs. So, while we waited for Dad to get done working me and the boys had lots of pool time. I'm about to have a skinny dipper if he doesn't pull up those shorts

We adopted a beautiful kitty, we named her Moonlight.


Harrison went to camp in Colorado, and then joined his friend Kolton on their family vacation. He caught lots of fish, parasailed, and paddleboarded like a BOSS!

Harrison is taller than both of us at this point and looks like a college student, I am both hurt and proud all at the same time.

Harrison is so grown up and handsome!!!!!!!!!! (this is Kolton and Harrison)



Braxton is busy being a cowboy and a ninja depending on the task at hand.

He still sleeps with us i'm hoping that stops before he's 15 LOL.

He turned 5 years old August 1st and i just can't believe it, he is going to go to pre-school one more year and then on too kindergarten next year.

He LOVES the library, we read a lot!



As much as he loves chocolate he loves Jesus, and worships with such a sweet spirit!!!! It crazy how a 5 year old can minister to grown ups just by expressing his faith and love in our savior. created by photogrid


The other two cray cray members of our family have a few photos too!

Harley is almost 11 years old!!!! (left)

Lexi II is one year old!!!(right)

I hope y'all enjoyed our little update!!! When you click on the photos it will take you to the gallery to see lots more photos from the year!!!!!

Jimmy, Angie, Harrison, and Braxton wish everyone a BLESSED Holiday Season!!!!!

and a super HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

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A Mother's Legacy as we remember an American Hero Angie Ragan Photography and the Boedeker family want to honor a special Mom today, by sharing her strength and commitment to her husband and family during a time of war in this country. As a result she has an amazing legacy. This is Sammie Elizabeth Box-Patterson, and we wanted to share the story of her husband (Thomas Wayland Patterson) and the early years of their marriage. As her husband has gone to be with the Lord, we thought she and her daughters would be blessed to see their story and the connection it has to the future. Their Granddaughter-in-law, and I spent weeks conceptualizing how to bring this photo shoot together to present a portrait of her 6 month old son who's name honors both his great-grandparents. Sammie Elizabeth Box-Patterson 8/9/1924-presentphoto provided by Boedeker family

Sammie and Thomas were driving around town when they heard the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor over the car radio.  They were not yet married at that time, but got married that next year on July 31, 1942.Thomas was drafted shortly thereafter and entered the US Army Air Force on October 27, 1942.  They had only been married 3 short months and had just found out that Sammie was expecting their first child when he left for the service. He went thru basic training at various bases in the U.S. before being sent overseas to England.  He was a radio operator and gunner on a B-24 Liberator aircraft.
 B-24 Liberator aircraft B-24 Liberator aircraft B-24 Liberator aircraft

He and his crew flew 14 bombing missions before being shot down near Muenster, Germany on February 21, 1944 and they had to bail out at 19,000 feet.  Two of the crew were killed when the plane was hit.Thomas and the rest of the crew ejected and parachuted through Flying Flak (flying flak is, antiaircraft fire, especially as experienced by the crews of combat airplanes at which the fire is directed) Thomas was injured by flying flak and also injured his ankle when he hit the ground. They were then captured by the Nazis.

Flying FlakFlying FlakFlying Flak

(This is a photo of what Flying Flak looks like fire from the ground and other enemy and friendly  aircraft fire, so you survive the plane getting hit and are able to eject but you have to fall through this, before hitting the ground, also keep in mine parachuting had only been on the scene for about 20 years.)

  He was a POW for 14 months before being liberated on April 29, 1945.  During his imprisonment, the Nazis would move the POW’s from camp to camp trying to evade the Allies.  At one point they marched for 56 days around Germany, covering about 800 miles.  Thomas weighed about 185 pounds when he went into the military and weighed about 132 when he came home.  He was awarded the Purple Heart for his injuries when his plane was shot down and also received the Air Medal with two clusters for the 14 combat missions he participated in.  Once he came back to the states he spent a short time at Lubbock Army Air Base before being honorably discharged on October 20, 1945.

This is Mr Sammie Way Boedeker, Sammie and Thomas's great-grandson, I’ll pause to let you get oooohhhs and ahhhs out of the way. TEHEHHEHEHEHEHEH I know you want to squeeze him but whats important is I got too. HAHAHAHA

​And this is his Great-grandfather  Thomas Wayland Patterson,  who so fearlessly fought for our freedom and fought to live and come home to his loving wife and child. (photo courtesy of the Boedecker Family) Thomas Wayland Patterson 2/16/1922-3/17/1993(photo courtesy of the Boedecker Family)

 This is Sammie Way Boedeker setting with his Great-grandfather's uniform and medals, if you look close you'll see our future looking to the past for wisdom and the past looking into the future with hope. The hope for our future that our Great-grandmother's and Great-grandfather's so bravely and with such stamina and strength paved for all of us and our children.

Happy Mother's Day Sammie Patterson, know that your strength and sacrifice for your children and your children's, children, has not been over looked and will not be forgotten.

Special Thanks to the Boedeker/Patterson families for allowing this lowly photographer to share and photograph such a legacy!!!!!


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Why a Camera free Wedding? Why a camera free wedding? 



​The most interesting thing about this question is, rarely is it the bride and groom who are asking. I do very few wedding (because of the incredible amount of time involved) but when I do the first thing i tell them is i only shoot camera free wedding.  They reply is usually, "thats why we called you", or "perfect we would rather it be that way". The questions usually come from the family and friends and guest who would like to be taking "their own photos". I'm writing this because once i have explained everyone says, "oh,ok that makes since".


So, here goes.

​First, its important we don't forget in this tequnilogical world we are living in how important actually viewing and being present during a loved ones event. It's really not the same taking photos and video as actually watching and remembering the event. When you have watched and been present and involved in the ceremony, then you see beautiful wonderfully created photos you get that flood of emotion you felt during the ceremony. See what happens when you were behind a device is you didn't sell out to the emotion of he day. Then when you see the wonderful professional fine art photography you don't have the correct emotional investment. I believe in this process so much that when i attend a family or friends event I don't photography or video, I stay present and emotionally invested.




When the bride and groom look back at their photos of their guest on that special day, I don't want this to be the what they see and its not what they wanted. A lot of money goes into making this a very special day we have got to put away our phones and our personal cameras and SHOW UP!



Now from a photographers stand point.



I have personally spent thousands of dollars and hours learning this skill. My use of equipment, lighting and from which angle I want to get my shots. I will have also spent countless hours talking and texting and emailing the bride and groom so that i get exactly what they want. They way i personaly photography is i use manual mode and i adjust using a light meter. What this means is when unexpected light enters my photo it ruins that shot. I enjoy working quickly and strive to get all my shots so i don't stop and check my view finder a lot. This means if someone is using a cell phone or a camera set on a help mode when that person fires their shutter it sends out a laser that will show on my photos also these modes will automatically fire a flash.





In case you're wondering this is not an edible situation and get quality work. A photography is light, its the one thing that makes or breaks a photo.










Here are a few more examples of what we just don't want in our wedding albums.



Now for the GOOD NEWS!!!!

Maybe i should have started with this LOL!!!

totally understand the need to have some photos to post on my Facebook and say AHHHHHHH look at my sisters awesome wedding………..

That means that with in the first moments of being home i will post sneak peaks that are yours to share and post and comment on and do whatever you'd like. I'll be posting sneak peaks the entire time i am working on the gallery. (usually several a day) This is so much more respectful to the bride and groom, because this ensures only the best poses and most flattering photos will be posted for the public to see.

​ The coolest thing about my wedding packages is that the entire gallery can be viewed by family and friends, and the photos can be downloaded and prints can be purchased so you will have your very own professional photos of the event. I never put my signature on the front of photos, my clients pay for the full copyright on their photos. So, I make sure no one misses out on anything, especially the bride and groom, its their day and their memories. Its my honor and my pleasure to be the one who gets to record that beautiful day for them and all their friends and family.


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Just another Hero  

Just Another Hero


I want to introduce you to an amazing woman named Patricia.  Patricia is 43 years old and sending her son off to college this year. On an everyday basis you will find her managing Sally’s Beauty Supply. I am here to tell you about what you don’t see.


Less than 2 years ago Patricia had an employee working for her who became pregnant and thank God decided for life and had the baby. Not long after having her daughter Brooklyn she was on drugs and the streets. When sweet Brooklyn was just four months old she asked her former boss Patricia to take the baby because she couldn’t care for her anymore. Patricia, seeing that the baby had no one and nothing and had been neglected said yes. WOW!!!! Just WOW!!! What an amazing spirit, no relation at all but sees this baby in need and just can’t turn her away!!!












Patricia has guardianship of Brooklyn and is raising her as her own. (keep in mind she gets no assistance from any Government agency or any kind of monetary help)

A few weeks ago Patricia gets a call from the state. They say the mother of Brooklyn has given them her name. You see the mother is still on the streets and still using drugs but is 9 months pregnant. She is due any day and the baby has nowhere to go. They are calling hoping that Patricia will take the baby. How many of y’all want to guess what she said?


Within days the baby was born in Plainview and she got the call, “can you come get the baby, mom was released but is homeless and on drugs so baby can’t be released with mom”. Of course all the answers are yes, yes, yes!!!


So, with just a few days notice, her and her friend get a baby bed and put it together Friday night. Then Saturday she drives to Plainview to pick up Brooklyn’s new baby sister and her new daughter.


Now, when I hear of this HERO, I feel the need to jump into action and HELP. I asked her what assistance she will get from CPS. The answer is NONE!!


Now, at this point in my life I don’t have extra finances to just go and buy her things, but I remember a verse.


3When he saw Peter and John about to enter, he asked them for money. 4Peter looked straight at him, as did John. Then Peter said, “Look at us!” 5 So the man gave them his attention, expecting to get something from them.

6Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” 7Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong. 8He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Acts 3:3-8


What I do have is a great church and great friends!!! I also have time.


So, Monday, I get to watch this beautiful 5-day-old little girl while Patricia goes to work. You see she also doesn’t qualify for any time off because she didn’t have the baby and its to short a notice at work.















I also called my friend Winnifer, at Trinity Outreach, and told her the story. Now, I asked Winnifer if Patricia could come see her on Monday for a few things. Maybe diapers, wipes, formula, a few newborn clothes. Winnifer said, NO! She met us after church on Sunday!!!! Because that’s how they roll at Trinity and the Outreach!!















What a Hero Patricia is, and what a true example of Christ!!!! This woman blows me away because, she has never asked for anything. I had to go to her and offer.  She will start the legal process of adopting these two girls soon; she has decided to raise them on her own as their mother. I wonder as I walk around and go about my day, how many of these heroes do I pass? I try to look really hard into people’s faces and eyes to see if I can tell. I think that’s why I love that God knows our hearts!!! Men only know what we can see, until we ask and then decide to love and give what we have.


My plan is to help with these things (what I need help with)


* Her work schedule is Monday through Friday 8-6 Saturday 8-1 for the next 6 weeks we need child care, then she can go to daycare. I am hoping to find friends that can babysit here and there for the next 6 weeks until Mia is old enough to go to daycare.

* She needs diapers, wipes, and formula STAT

* I want to give her a baby shower in the next 4 to 6 weeks (I think she should be celebrated)

If you can help me with any of these things it would be great!!! If you have any baby clothes you haven’t given away yet or left over  diapers and wipes, just give me a call and I’d be happy to come pick up.

If you have a day that you could keep Mia over the next 6 weeks while Patricia is at work that would be Awesome!!!!!

Let me know if you’d like to help with a baby shower.

OH and of course while i have her tomorrow i will be taking newborn photos, so stay tuned!!!!!




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Christmas Angels  

Debbie and Ray (Christmas Angels)

The day started with Jimmy taking Harrison to school and heading to work. On his lunch break he brought me the suburban so Braxton and I could take him back to work. (We are down to one vehicle) He left me with this thought, “babe, I put gas in its not much we need it to last”. I agreed. See, we are in a very lean time in our family right now. It can be frustrating at times to say the least. It would be very easy to have a pity party.

Now, this is where the day gets interesting. On 4th and Frankford I see this little couple walking from Wal-Mart. Because of their build and other physical indicators I can tell they are somewhat mentally handicapped. What made them stand out is they are carrying a huge box from Wal-Mart. (it had one of those game tables in it that you can play fuse ball, air hockey,) It was a long flat box and they each had an end of the box, and they had placed their pizza box on top of that, and were making their way down the road. Another interesting fact, they looked to be in there 60’s. Honestly I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the wind was blowing, and they couldn’t decide who should be walking backwards.

I pulled up and said, “hey guys, I can fit y’all in here, can I give you a lift, where you headed?” The response, “we are going to Shallowater”. My jaw laterality dropped and I yelled “Shallowater?” You see two problems, I had stuff I needed to do before I had to get Harrison, and remember my husband has told me to make the ¼ tank of gas last.

I think they saw my shock, and said, “we are stronger than we look, its ok, we will make it.”

I smiled and said “I know you are, but why don’t I give you a lift this time.”

As I loaded the game table in the back I was shocked at how heavy it was, and these two are so small. The man, Ray opened the front door for his wife. Then he got in the back seat. Braxton was watching Ice Age in the back. Ray proclaims, “oh boy, honey I got a ride and a show back here.” Debbie says, “oh good honey I know how you love TV”. “She looks at me pats her pizza box and said, “I love pizza”. I asked Debbie if the game table was a gift. She said, “oh yes, it’s a gift from my daddy who is in heaven with Jesus.” She laughed and said, I bought it but I know he wants me to have it, so I’m going to wrap it and put it under the tree”. She then looks at me and says, Angie I want you to know, God is good all the time, yep, that’s my favorite saying and I even know a song about it.” Debbie then sings me her favorite song.” Does anyone know how hard it is to drive with your eyes full of tears? (Or type LOL)

I wish I could explain how many times I have tried to be a blessing to people and God causes the situation to be a blessing to me. I know with all my heart that, when I thought I was being his hand and feet and that I was the one ministering. God, giggled a bit and said, “watch this”, and in fact I was the one who received ministry. Indeed Debbie, God is good all the time.

I have no doubt that had I not stopped God would have provided a ride for Debbie and Ray. The issue is if I had not stopped I would have missed out on experiencing the heart of Christ. I have had such peace and joy since my little ride with Debbie and Ray, I am so glad My savior is mindful of me. I know my family is in a tight spot last 6 months, but we are smart and health and know that OUR God has never failed us, even when we fail every day He never will. 

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Coffee break with dad at Cafe FireFly I went to an amazing Cafe today, Cafe Firefly. I was looking for great coffee wi-fi and a place to fill a few orders. FOUND IT!!! Love, Love, Love this place. As I settled in I found something I wasn't looking to find. I really believe those are the best times in life, when you intentional stop to really see whats going on around you.

Two very cute young ladies were on a date with their father. You might think,"big deal". Ok it is a big deal! They were having such a good time and their father was hanging on their every word. He was encouraging, and proud and I think I heard him even giggle a few times. The best thing I've heard a father say to a daughter in a long time, as she was picking up a magazine or something of sorts. "No, honey you don't need to read and look at that, those picture are put there to make you feel bad about how you look and you are beautiful, you and your sister don't need to look at those pictures." WOW!!!!! What a place this county would be if all fathers knew to raise up the daughters of this great country with such wisdom. Also, note the daughter was quick to obey with no pouting. WOW, proof this dad is consistent in his up bringing.

If you're wondering, Yes, I asked if i could snap a few Photos. I just had too.( The dad said he didn't like his pictures taken. I don't know why not, he is very good looking. But i honored his request with a far off shot.) LOL

This is important to me because, women get the correct self-image based on the confidence they feel their fathers have in them. If dad says they are beautiful and smart then proves it by taking you for hot cocco and games and cookies. Then laughing and talking to you about what is important to you, you believe and trust your father.  The result is a mature health women who has the correct self image, and will seek out men who treat her the way her father did. With value and respect. Then the cycle continues.......

What can I say so refreshing, dads are so important for our daughters growing up these days. Now why does this matter to me I have two sons. Yes, I have two sons who will be dating women some day, and I am glad that there are girls being brought up by dads like this one.

FOR REAL!!!!! HOW CUTE ARE THEY!!!! Thank you "coffee date dad" keep up the good work!



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"FILM!? Why would you shot with film." sarcasm is to be noted

The village of Wilhelm Burger, near Yokohama, Japan, in 1869.  This photograph was taken by Wilhelm Burger, who was attached to the Austro-Hungarian diplomatic mission which travelled to the Far East to develop commercial relations
I am learning how to use film and old and very old cameras, I have had some of my friends grin and ask "why would you want to shoot with film?" well its photos like this and realizing the skill involved to get it, and the anticipation of having to wait to develop it in a dark room. plus as expensive as the film was then, is as rare to get now, so you don't take 20 shots baby. You meter your light and shutter and f-stop to the T before your light changes. PRAY shoot and wait for your prize. These where photographers folks. I see a lot of people throwing around the title photographer these days. I think we should be honest and call our selves photography enthusiast (oh yes i'm talking about myself). I believe when you are a professional in anything you should know the history of your profession. The history of photography is the second most amazing progression i've studied. (and i'm a studier of the Bible and Medicine) 
I love how it can reveal the truth and or hide the truth to the same degree. I love how it stops time, while allowing a moment to live on forever. Literally transcending time. When i look at my beautiful wedding photo hanging proudly on my living room wall, and i see in black and white my husband lifting me up and spinning me around, we are looking at each other and smiling. I forget its been 8 years, 5 years of infertility, 2 years of no sleep since we adopted. Thirty pounds have come and gone and come back. Moving from Texas to Illinois. Times when money was abundant, mostly times money has been short............. All that fades and i go to bed remembering Jimmy asking me and me saying yes, our beautiful wedding and how he looked at me when I recited, "your people shall be my people" and he recited he would love me the way Christ loves the church............ Then I am shocked when look in the mirror, I really was transported back in time, but for a brief moment.
Yep! all that from the photo that hangs on my wall. Photography, it is not to be taken lightly. Photography enthusiast, study know what it is to be a photographer. Know what it was to be a photographer before the digital age. I think in that way we can learn from our past to be better photographers today. Think about how when you take a photo today with your tap and snap cool little camera, sometime they still don't turn out how you wanted or intended. Now think about 140 years ago capturing a photo like this, and you had to make the calculations in your head for exposure time and how big a hole to use on the front of your wooden box. Then you better get your chemicals right. Plus have had the money to buy the nickel that makes the developing image possible. We don't have to make those calculations these days, but what happens when we put that much thought in to our images? Well, like I said our photos transcend time. 
This is just my humble opinion.  
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Wonderful Neighbors!!! Brett and Carrie, Evan, Logan, Lilly, Trey                                         I would like to introduce you to my wonderful neighbors. They have been amazing neighbors and friends from even before we moved in to the house across the street. Carrie has the sweetest spirit and as you can see a contagious smile. Her hubby Brett is just as nice and helpful. I don't get to see a lot of Brett, they have the a few antique shops that are awesome. I can honestly say i don't know what  would have done with out Carrie over the last six weeks. Evan and my son Harrison are about the same age and becoming very good friends. Logan is a little younger but believe me he can hang with the big boys. The boys and I have a relationship like mom and boys, they've had sleep overs and gone swimming and I just love them. Lilly has her mothers smile but is very quiet and frankly with a house flu of boys she doesn't hang out with me much. I plan on she and i getting to know each other. I want her to model new props, so i hope that will bring us closer. Trey isn't even three months yet, and he is a wonderful baby. I would also like to mention Trey is a ham bone in front of the camera.

                                          I am so blessed that they let me do their family photographs. They take such great prictures it didn't take long at all and I got amazing shots. Thank goodness because the boys wanted out of that situation as soon as possible. While, I was there, our down the street neighbor came by and we talked her into pictures with her precious doggy Max. Tune in, in a few days I'll have those posted and blogg about Miss Kim.

                                          I am always amazed at the favor I have on my life. Only by devine appointment could I have been so blessed. I am so glad to call them my friends.

[email protected] (Angie Ragan Photography) friends neighbors Wed, 11 Jul 2012 23:05:41 GMT
Aviana's Big Day


            This is the amazing birthday girl I had the honor of photographing. She is such a beautiful little lady, all the way down to getting very uncomfortable when getting all the attention. (how ever she warmed up to it). She was enthusiastically celebrated and she is surely loved by so many family and friends. 

            I can't tell you what a joy it was to photograph this amazing event. I hope the photos will speak for themselves. What i can't show you is how much this family meant to me, I really needed such a loving experience. Not once did anyone make me feel like an employe or an outsider. From the time I showed up I received hugs and was welcomed. I also received many hugs through out the night. I had totally humorous moments and conversations all day. I hope you visit the gallery and see all the beautiful people and colors and joy. I think I see these amazing events for what they are because i didn't have fun family moments growing up. I like to write about it because I want it to be written down and honored and celebrated. To honor and celebrate moments as family is one of the reasons we were created. I love to have family and friend all around in loud confusing laughter. To know that Little Miss Aviana is being raised up with such love and connection.

             The ballroom was exquisite, the DJ spun a perfect mix, a clown entertained, Food was served in what seemed to be 3 different buffets. Now, I am going to say that i had planned to sneak a few bites of Indian food, as its one of my favorite cuisines that i rarely get to eat. (yes, white girl assumption Indian family I'll get Indian food, hey you come to my house I'm going to feed you steak, baked potato, corn, chocolate cake, sweet tea) They served the most beautiful and delouse chinese food. LOL I plan to ask Ashni to teach me a few dishes ( i also LOVE to cook but have never learned how to cook Indian food) Ashni this is you heads up. HA 

              I truly hope to do more work for this amazing family. A photographer couldn't ask for more beautiful subjects. A more positive and friendly environment, or a more deserving family to have it documents on canvas.


[email protected] (Angie Ragan Photography) DJ beautiful birthday clown color entertain family food humor joy love spin spun Mon, 09 Jul 2012 21:33:42 GMT
Beautiful Botanical Garden in Chicago Our family went to the Botanical Garden today and has so much fun. It was so hot out side the heat index was 104. Then the most wonderful rain came alone, and YES we walked around in the rain. LOL thank goodness because i got this amazing photography. I haven't done one lick of editing on this baby. This is Gods handy work! Isn't it beautiful? My boys had so much fun walking around in the rain, it was so refreshing.  

 We went to the cafe there, they make fresh food from the fruits and veggies they grow in the fruit and  veggie  garden section. We ate tomato and basil bisque until we couldn't hold anymore. LOL 

Then the boys found a real water pump in the children's garden and had a blast. So, all in all, loving family memories, we walked in the rain, ate wonderful food, laughed and loved. I really don't think a better day exist. 

The icing on the cake is i got a handful of photos to document our wonderful day together.

[email protected] (Angie Ragan Photography) basil bisque botanical family flowers garden rain tomato Fri, 06 Jul 2012 05:25:29 GMT
The 4th in a new State. Tonight was so much fun. We had a great time watching the firework display. Of course i had the most fun because i was photographing. LOL I love to photograph light of any kind, but fireworks are tricky. its similar to catching lighting as far as technique goes. I am sure i sound so silly when i say how excite i was to get home and view my photos on the computer, So beautiful!!! I hope everyone had a great 4th and got great photos of friends and family.

[email protected] (Angie Ragan Photography) 4th July church display fireworks fun of Thu, 05 Jul 2012 06:09:59 GMT